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Monthly Archive for September, 2012


Daniel McCarthy at The American Conservative magazine wrote an interesting article this week that goes a long way in ringing the alarm bell for today’s GOP. He asks the question, “Is the GOP Still a National Party?” And, pretty much answers, “No.” His take is that the GOP has become a regional party, beholden to […]

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Check out Maddow Blog this morning for a great message. We reformatted parts of it here. THIS IS A PRESIDENT WHO PASSED: • A health-care reform breakthrough 100 years in the making • He also imposed the most sweeping Wall Street reforms since the Great Depression • Obama also rescued the economy from collapse • […]

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I think we all know bullies when we see them … and, the only way to deal with bullies is to NOT give in to their demands! It’s pretty clear to me that the GOP has held our country hostage for three years — hostage to their demands that they get their own way on […]

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