Anybody remember the Republican’s endless, probing Congressional investigations of our last Democratic President in the 1990s?  Let’s refresh our memories.  The nation was held hostage to Republican partisan witch-hunts, from the Monica Lewinsky peep-show inquisitions — leading to presidential impeachment — to the total harassment by Congress when they took 140 hours of testimony (under oath) trying to ‘prove’ the Clinton White House had misused its Christmas card list!

And, just to take a moment to speculate:  While President Clinton was kept busy consulting with attorneys and giving testimony to respond to these petty congressional inquisitions, Al Qaeda was busy planning to attack New York City and Washington, D.C.  The self-proclaimed ‘party of patriots’ may have screwed our nation with their petty partisan inquisitions. 

Our presidents can focus on solving the myriad of problems facing our nation, or be distracted by being forced to spend time defending the administration from partisan attacks, motivated not by what will move our nation forward, but by political point-scoring.

If the Republicans win back the House that is exactly what we’re going to get again.  Repubs are not just threatening investigation after investigation of this administration and our President, they are promising to do it — and with zeal.  This time it’s going to be even worse.  We can all look forward to the probing investigation into Obama’s birth certificate!

And, it sure makes you wonder:  What was the point of the Dems forgoing investigations into the Bush administration’s war crimes and deliberate trashing of our Constitution?  We said, “Let’s just look forward, not back.”

Let’s see, should we investigate clearly illegal and unconstitutional torture OR Obama’s birth certificate?  Sigh.

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