Even the most hard-hearted had trouble yesterday keeping the corners of their mouths under control.  That vision of multitudes of people standing firm for freedom in Egypt was so inspiring and uplifting that the sun seemed to be shining a tad bit brighter and warmer all day.

Okay we’re idealists here at Center Left Nation.  We plead guilty.  And, in reality, no one really knows what happens next in Egypt and the Middle East.  But we here at CLN do have some predictions (picture Carnac the Magnificent). 

Freedom and Liberty Is Unleashed and Contagious.  Some countries will become thriving Democracies, some will take years to figure it all out — but in the end, the curve of history has been bent toward the good.

Good Days Ahead for Anti-Terroism.  Al Qaeda sees its best days in the rear-view mirror.  Why would people overthrow a dictator for freedom and Democracy, only to replace him with another authoritarian regime like the Taliban?  Tsk, tsk Conservatives.  We know you like to scare Americans with your fear-mongering, but can anyone actually see Egypt saying, “Oh, yeah … give us The Muslim Brotherhood to rule over us!”???  Democracy in Egypt is the beginning of the end for Al Qaeda and affiliates, because people throughout the world want what they just saw on their televisions for the last few days in the heart of the Middle East, not the destruction they saw on 9-11 in New York.

People of the World Once Again See the Amazing Power of Achieving Political Goals by Non-Violence.  Martin Luther King changed our country, as did Ghandi in India, by disavowing violence.  For those Americans who ‘cling to their guns’ thinking that they may some day need them to overthrow a tyrant in America (a major justification for Conservative’s Constitutional interpretation of the Second Amendment), they now have been presented with the right way to oust tyranny.  If Egyptians had taken to the streets with guns we all know how it would have ended.  Mubarek would have ordered his military to ‘put down the violence’ and the military would have obeyed his order.  There you have the reality of a Second Amendment revolt.  Think about it.  How else could that approach possibly end?

The Middle East Will Become More Democratic and Capitalistic.  The people in the Middle East have not only suffered brutality under their dictators, but also deprivation.  The dictators took their country’s wealth for themselves, and their friends and families, leaving poverty for the rest of their people.  By demanding a voice in their government, Egyptians are reaching for fairness and an end to economic inequality.  For those who assert that the people of the Middle East can’t handle Democracy, we point them toward the example of Turkey — an Islamic nation that thrives with Democracy and Capitalism. 

We Can’t GIVE Democracy to Others, They Have to TAKE It!  Chris Mathews said that on Hardball yesterday.  We now have the examples of Iraq and Egypt in the Democratization of Nations, and we here at CLN hope that we have all learned the lesson of ‘people power’ versus the barrel of a gun in moving our world forward in this new century.  We’re so hopeful today!

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