Though we’re not among the top 400 income-earners in our country, we are willing to pay more in taxes to ensure that our nation survives this current economic disaster.

We agree with V.P. Joe Biden when he said in 2008 that it is patriotic to pay taxes. It is past time for the very, very wealthy to pay their fair share to help our country get out of this debt that unfettered capitalism has created.

Deregulated Wall Street and corporate America got fat, while the middle class and the poor were slapped down. The top 1% raked it in for decades, and now citizens are just asking them to pay a fair percentage in taxes as their share to clean up the mess they made.

It is unconscionable that raising taxes on the very wealthy is an idea that that Congress can’t get behind. Blind ideology prevents some from seeing the truth that is right in front of their faces. In the 90’s when Clinton raised taxes on the wealthy, the GOP screamed that the new taxes would “destroy” the country — it didn’t…it produced a balanced budget and a SURPLUS!

Thank you Mr. Buffett for telling the truth.

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