Okay, I’ll say it: Republicans are wrong when they claim that our Constitution is forbidden to force any religion to go against their own teachings in order to abide by US law. Does the word POLYGAMY (a religiously held belief by the Morman church of old) ring a bell?

That’s a historical example. But, surely we could imagine other instances when we as a people would deny a religious organization certain rights that the country didn’t support: What if a religion believed in cannibalism or human sacrifice?

It is a ridiculous assertion that religious organizations have special rights that others do not! In fact, I think religious organizations should pay taxes like all other organizations do.

I’m okay with the President’s recent solution in the question of insurance coverage for contraceptives. But Catholic organizations like hospitals and universities have NO right to deny their employees the same contraceptive insurance coverage that all other American women will have.

The Separation of Church and State goes both ways, and we as a nation cannot allow one religious insitution to dictate American law to all the rest of us. If Catholics choose to only use the rhythm method in family planning, that’s their choice; the rest of us shoud have the choice to plan our families in our own way and with the same insurance benefits as the rest of the country.


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