More Bad News for the GOP

The Grand Old Party just can’t seem to get out of it’s own way.  And it’s not as if they don’t know what they need to do to regain the trust of the American electorate, they do!  Following the Romney 2012 loss, the Republican Party conducted a study that they called an “Autopsy” on just where the party stands and where they need to go to improve their image with the American people.  And, “Autopsy” may just be the exact right word.

Party leaders conceded that what the GOP needs to do is reach out to minorities, women, and to reach across the isle in a pragmatic way to help govern the country.  But Tea Party Republicans are having none of that.  The consequences of their ideological extremism is that the GOP brand is now in big trouble, according to an article in The Daily Beast.

The  extremist wing of the GOP is seriously threatening the Party’s viability.  Their secessionist impulse is a political loser — it looks like desperation and a throw-back to ugly days-gone-by.  “Wearing a tri-cornered hat on the Washington Mall is one thing; unfurling a Confederate Flag in front of Obama’s White House is something very different and disgraceful.”

The GOP has lost minority support, and yet their attempts at outreach in those communities are discredited when they simultaneously have bigoted representatives of their party going public with outrageous racial insults.  They want the Hispanic vote, but refuse to consider any legislation to reconcile that community’s needs with their own racial fears.

While chasing the women’s vote, at the same time the Party denies women their Constitutional rights of choice, and tries to outlaw even some forms of birth control.  Republicans are losing women right and left. Because there are more eligible women voters than men and because they are more likely to vote than men, Republicans are once again facing a losing proposition.

The final straw may be that the GOP is rapidly losing even the support of businesses … big and small.  One small businessman says of the GOP’s Government Shutdown and Debt Ceiling Crisis, “It’s as if House Republicans are playing suicide bomber with the U.S. economy, as a businessman, it defies all reason and logic.”  And big business, represented by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is frantically trying to intervene in the GOP self-destruction.

“Right now, the Republican brand is looking toxic,” says The Daily Beast.  “Among seniors and independents, the GOP’s unfavorability rating has swelled to more than 60 percent. To put this in context, just last November Mitt Romney won nearly two-thirds of voters 65 years old and up, and half of the independents.”

Where does it all end?  Predictions are all over the place, but one thing’s for sure right now:  The GOP just can’t get out of its own way, and it’s more bad news for the GOP.


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