***DR. LAURA SCHLESSINGER has apologized after her shocking, racist rant on her talk radio program this week.  In response to a black female caller who complained about the racist attitudes of her white husband’s friends, and their use of the n-word, Dr. Laura ‘comforted’ her caller by saying the n-word 11 times over the course of five minutes.  Progressive talk hosts are asking if Dr. Laura’s racist rant will cause her to lose her radio show, and our answer here at CLN is “NO” she likely will not.  The tired right-wing “Southern Strategy” of race baiting to win elections is back in full force, and Dr. Laura will be their new hero and her ratings will go up.  Sad. 

***THE TEA PARTY COMIX CREATOR SAYS, “I hate Obama, but I’m no racist.”  Uh huh. 


***THE NATION‘s Salim Muwakkil, in his article “Obama, The Right and Race” offers a critique of “Kabuki Democracy,” Eric Alterman’s recent essay, by pointing out that “What seems to be missing in Alterman’s historical summary, however, is the centrality of the “Southern Strategy” and the Republicans’ canny exploitation of racial resentment.”  Muwakkil praises Alterman’s comprehensive analysis, but brings attention to the fact that even progressive intellectuals shy away from racial issues in our politics and the Republican’s time-tested “Southern Strategy.” 

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