We just couldn’t let the Cordoba House controversy go without comment.  So, here goes our (hopefully) short rant:  THE RIGHT LOVES our Constitution and the spirit of our founding fathers so much that they are screaming for the destruction of both.

The embrace of freedom of religion is at the core of what America stands for, and what our Constitution demands.  Repubs evidently don’t believe in America;  why don’t they just throw out the entire Bill of Rights? 

We suspect that the fear-mongering is not inspired by actual fear.  No, we are pretty sure that the all too familiar Repub fear-mongering is one more example of election year “do anything to win” mindset of the Right.


  • The proposed Islamic Center is NOT located on “ground zero”:  it is two blocks away from the former the World Trade Center, and could not even be seen from there.
  • The “hallowed ground” is not so hallowed: there is an adult porn shop and strip clubs within two blocks of “ground zero”; an off-track betting site; and Thunder Lingerie — all in the same area.
  • Repubs say the leaders of the Cordoba House are being “insensitive” to consider putting an Islamic Center near “ground zero.”  In order for it to be considered “insensitive” one would have to believe that the Twin Towers were attacked by Islam, rather than by Al Qaeda.
  • The Twin Towers were NOT attacked by Islam:  They were attacked by extremist terrorists within Islam.  It would be like refusing to let a Catholic church be built in Oklahoma City because terrorist Tim McVeigh was a Catholic.
  • An Islamic Center, led by moderate Muslims, offers an opportunity for these moderates to broadcast the message that the Right has been demanding:  “Muslims do not support extremists groups like Al Qaeda.” 
  • An Islamic Center in the heart of Manhattan will tell the world that “only in America” is there true freedom of religion, and that our country stands by our principles — demonstrating to everyone (including the Islamic world) that Osama bin Laden lies when he says the United States of America is at war with Islam.

It seems that it’s just fine with the Right for houses of vice to be “in the shadow” of ground-zero, but not for a house of worship.   The decision of New York to support the Cordoba House was inspired in part by the desire to encourage religious healing and to demonstrate to the world that America will not be bowed by Osama bin Laden.

New York City Mayor Bloomberg said it well (and with a patriotic quiver to his voice):

“The government has no right whatsoever to deny that right – and if it were tried, the courts would almost certainly strike it down as a violation of the U.S. Constitution. Whatever you may think of the proposed mosque and community center, lost in the heat of the debate has been a basic question – should government attempt to deny private citizens the right to build a house of worship on private property based on their particular religion? That may happen in other countries, but we should never allow it to happen here. This nation was founded on the principle that the government must never choose between religions, or favor one over another. 

The World Trade Center Site will forever hold a special place in our City, in our hearts. But we would be untrue to the best part of ourselves – and who we are as New Yorker’s and Americans – if we said ‘no’ to a mosque in Lower Manhattan.”

This hateful attack by the Right on America’s basic values diminishes us all if we back down — if we do not stand up for our principles Al Qaeda wins.

Even calling the Islamic Center the “Ground Zero Mosque” is just another red-herring to rile up the voters with fear-mongering, and distracts us from our American ideals of tolerance and getting along peacefully.

Many Republican officials are indicating that they’re going to make this an election year issue after President Obama’s statement of support.  Let’s just be sure to have the FACTS ready to respond with, because our Constitution and our American ideals are on our side.

Oh, and by the way:  how about the hallowed ground at the Pentagon, which was also attacked on 9/11?  Yeah, that’s right, there’s a mosque in the Pentagon that’s been there since right after 9/11.  The Pentagon welcomed a mosque on their hallowed ground.  Good enough for me.

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