“Waste, Fraud, and Abuse” has long been a battle-cry for the Grand Old Party when describing government.  So now may be the time to turn that phrase on them.

GOP Waste = $24 Billion wasted in the cost to our economy in the last three weeks of government shutdown and debt-ceiling brinksmanship.

GOP Fraud = A false premise told to the country that the shutdown/brinksmanship would defund/delay Obamacare, when the Affordable Care Act is primarily funded through mandatory funding not discretionary funding.  Obamacare cannot be de-funded, and won’t be delayed unless the president and Democrats themselves  decide to delay elements of the law in order to make it more effective.

GOP Abuse = Actual harm done to the economy with a cut of 0.6% off 4th Q GDP growth, the credibility of the United States of America questioned internationally, and jobs growth lost with falling consumer confidence causing businesses to pull back on hiring.

Cable TV seems to be primarily discussing the harm that the GOP has inflicted on themselves politically.  We are hoping that the facts of the actual damage done to the United States of America will be highlighted as well.

The extremists in the GOP are willing to do damage to the nation in order to try to advance their own agenda, even in the face of the reality that their goals are not achievable through threats and hostage-taking.  If they are honorable people, and just didn’t understand the ramifications of their actions … then we will soon know that.

If they didn’t mean to inflict pain on the country, then they won’t repeat these brinksmanship actions.  If they do it again after the first of the year, when both the Continuing Resolution on the budget and raising the Debt-Ceiling will again be up for decisions  … then we will know that they just plain want to harm the economy in order to try to harm the president.

Then we’ll know that they hate the president more than they love our country.


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