President Obama is often accused of not demonstrating leadership.  He is said to be aloof by not reaching out  to the Republicans in Congress and inviting them the White House to schmooze.  You see, according to the GOP meme, “He just isn’t up to the job of being president.”  So, of course, the fact that politics isn’t working in D.C. is all President Obama’s fault … right?

Because the Republicans in Washington are not following Obama’s leadership might just possibly be due to GOP determination to undermine this president at every single turn.  When we explore the actual facts we learn that the president has invited Republicans many, many times to meet with him, and even to socialize, at the White House.

He began his presidency in 2009 by inviting Congress to watch a football game at the White House.  John McCain, and most of the rest of them declined.  McCain said he was just too busy and had other plans.

John Boehner and Mitch McConnell refused to take a phone call from President Obama right after the election.  They were too busy to take a phone call from the president of the United States of America!  They refuse to attend State Dinners which honor visiting world leaders.  Again, just too busy!  John Boehner did actually play golf with the president on one occasion, and after that …  we saw zero improvement in cooperation with the president.

So, I’m not totally convinced that the GOP would consider Obama a great leader if he just invited them to the White House more often.  I cannot imagine what kind of schmoozing would convince the wingers to follow his lead.  Can you?


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