Dem Unity Imperative!

We really need to hang together for the next two elections. We can now see the scope of the damage done to our nation, from the rampant voter suppression, the conservative-stacked judiciary to the violence aimed toward our very government by the right-wing terrorists.

We need to STOP our circular-firing-squad if we’re going to save the country.  Our continued nit-picking of our own Party can only end in discouraging our own voters from showing up for the next two elections.  And preventing the GQP from retaking control is the imperative goal.

The Democratic Party is not the enemy; it is the vehicle we need to save our democracy.  If we have to compromise and don’t get the exact legislation exactly the way we want it, then that’s what we have to do.  Our choice at this point, if we want to keep power out of the hands of the GQP, is to remember to be adults and maintain the ability to compromise, at least on the edges.

STOP calling the Dems “cavers” and realize that compromising was the intention of our Founders in setting up the three branches of government.

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