The MAGA crowd is acting just like the foreign terrorists!

Pickup parade of trucks full of flag-waving Donald Trump supporters.


Islamist terrorists in trucks flying their flags.


Not entirely sure that we have a functioning country at this point. It feels more like Afghanistan, where rural warlords exercise their power with defiance toward the central government. And here, as there, they’re armed with an entirely different set of facts and beliefs and a reality that has no resemblance to actual reality. They are also literally armed to the teeth!

Like the Afghani Taliban, these American Trumpers are committed to forcefully taking over the country’s levers of power. They disparage our Constitution’s value of Separation of Church and State and insist that all Americans adopt their religion and make Christianity the national religion.  They substitute their religious faith for science and seek to enforce their control over women’s bodies and lives.

It’s hard to govern an ungovernable country and hard to know what’s really going on. So are the elected Republicans choosing misinformation for ideological reasons? Or are they deliberately sabotaging Biden’s attempt to control this pandemic and playing politics with Afghanistan relations? Unfortunately, many of the elected GOPers don’t believe half of what they’re saying. They just seem to be going along with the MAGA crowds.

Past experience playing along with Trump has often backfired on the GOP… so their reasoning is questionable.  And at this point, the MAGA crowd now controlling the GOP has started to go even further right than Trump himself. That was obvious when his rally crowd booed as he encouraged them to take vaccines. So perhaps Trump and the GOP have lost control of their Frankenstein!

Republicans cannot govern. They don’t even want to govern; they just want to win!

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