It’s All Up for Grabs!

A M E R I C A!
Future historians will tell the story of what happened to America but in the present… it’s all still unfolding in a blur of confusion. Once the world’s leader, our nation is now being dismissed and doubted across the world.

While President Biden leads the charge to save the soul of America and to secure the democratic values established globally after World War II, the reputational damage dealt to America in the four years of the presidency of Donald J. Trump is currently immeasurable. It’s devastating.

People across the world are shaking their heads and asking, “What happened to America?”

And at the moment, our country seems to be nearly evenly divided, with close to half of our citizens supporting Trump or Trumpism, which is nothing but hate and political revenge. His supporters talk about admiring his policies, but he really doesn’t have any consistent policies. He’s a card-carrying flip-flopper, and his followers don’t actually seem to care.

The Right in America wants a leader who is not a part of “the establishment,” which means they want an inexperienced outsider who has no idea how our government works or likely has any interest in learning. If they chose their surgeon with the same criteria, they’d likely end up in the morgue!

How can half the nation want someone who is clueless about running a government, a hapless baffoon on the world stage, and a lying dictator-wannabe to be our leader? And then there are the immoral, corrupt, anti-Constitution, and seditious insurrection qualities that the Trumpers seem to love!

At this moment, even having a woman’s right to choose stripped from American families, half of the people lean toward Donald J. Trump rather than Joe Biden. Why? Because he’s three years older than DJT?

Keep your passports up to date and handy, folks… we’re in for a very bumpy ride!

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