Supremes Are Off The Rails!

In the 2024 election, Democrats must run on Supreme Court issues.

Pull the threads of the current concerns of the American people, and many lead back to the recent decisions made by this unbalanced Conservative Supreme Court. From civil rights, voting rights, gun rights, LGBTQ rights, and personal individual rights to the authority of the federal government to enact changes to benefit the lives of our citizens, the Right-wing Justices are making unpopular, unprecedented, and arguably unconstitutional decisions.

In less than two years, this Right-wing controlled Supreme Court has enacted politically motivated decisions on all the issues we care about. According to polls, only about 25% of voters trust that the Supreme Court is “mainly motivated by the law.” With the politicization of the High Court and new evidence of the corruption by Justices Thomas and Alito, the country is ready for a remedy, and as Democrats, we must lead in reforming the Supreme Court.

The only fix to the court-packing done by the GOP is to rebalance the Court by adding four new Justices, taking it from 9 to 13. There is ample evidence that all the Conservatives appointed have outright lied during their confirmation hearings when they said they would support the Court tradition of Stare Decisis.

Stare Decisis is a Latin term that means “let the decision stand” and “holds that courts and judges should honor “precedent” — or the decisions, rulings, and opinions from prior cases.”

This Supreme Court has gutted Civil Rights Laws and Voting Rights Laws, which have long been considered constitutional by the High Court. They overturned Roe which had been challenged and upheld many times over 50 years. They just threw it out, leaving families at the mercy of state legislators.

And finally, they decided that the administration didn’t have the authority to give students loan relief, which they clearly do. $757 billion in loan forgiveness was given over a two-year period of time with the PPP cash loans. Much of it went to millionaire Republicans in Congress, while the student loan forgiveness, which the Right does not support, would be a “10-year cost of roughly $305 billion, as measured by reduced cash flows into the government, according to the Education Department.” And it would provide relief to low- and middle-income borrowers. For many Americans, that’s a ticket to the middle class.

This court packing cannot stand. Mitch McConnell has already said if the GOP retakes the Senate, he will not allow any candidate presented by President Biden to have a hearing… he’ll Garland them! The President doesn’t want to add more Justices because “it might politicize the Supreme Court,” but I have news for the President: the Court is already politicized, and the GOP intends to further politicize it if given the opportunity.

When the Republicans win, they break the rules with bold abandon and cram their extreme policies down the throats of the American people. It started before Trump, and we need to grasp the fact that this is not going to change. The President has managed to get some bi-partisan cooperation from the GOP in his first two years in office… but if the Republicans take the Senate in 2024, they will not continue to cooperate, particularly on the Supreme Court.

That is the feather in their cap and the hill they’ll die on. Save the Supreme Court. Save democracy in America. VOTE BLUE IN 2024!




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